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Tinashe Pamacheche

Tinashe Pamacheche – Programmes Officer

Tinashe Pamacheche is a holder of an Honors Bachelor’s degree in Economics obtained from the University of Zimbabwe. A dedicated and entrepreneurial Economist with over 14 years career experience in nonprofit organization and government environments. Highly adept in program development oversight and evaluation. Possesses excellent problem-solving and communication skills. Active listening skills to actually hear what people are saying and ask questions when appropriate, time management skills to manage company’s time most effectively, Effective management of fiscal resources to determine best use of resources and exceptional public speaking skills to communication to large groups of people. His key interests are centered on development of infrastructure within the country and around the globe, programme development and how this impacts on development. The interaction between development studies, rural and urban communities and how this affects the position or standard of living affairs within their own societies or countries. His achievements include; successfully rolled out Provincial budget for Rural Capital Development socio-economic projects in 2008, monitored and evaluated more than 10 completed provincial projects in 2007, provided useful insight in crafting and reviewing Departmental Strategic Plan in 2008, mobilised through participatory approach communities towards successful implementation of projects, have attended regional workshops to present provincial project proposals aimed at sourcing funds for water and sanitation projects, the effort of which has culminated in 7 districts receiving funding from UNICEF for 4 years starting January 2007. And his vision is to be part of the decision making team at strategic level of an organisation in initiation and management of socio-economic projects through sound corporate principles which espouse responsibility, integrity, accountability and tolerance for diverse opinions.