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Lorraine Ndlovu

Lorraine is a seasoned and passionate banker who has an in-depth understanding of micro, small and large businesses across the various industry spectrum. She started her Banking career at Zimbank ( ZB Bank) in 1994 as a Graduate Trainee and has over 25 years of banking experience covering the areas of Corporate Banking; Project Finance; Trade Finance; Lease Financing and Microfinance.She is passionate about entrepreneurship and finds fulfillment in being a catalyst for change in people’s economic realities. She is continuously seeking opportunities to engage with organizations that empower entrepreneurs; develop African economies and alleviate poverty. She is a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration as well as an MBA, both from the University of Zimbabwe. Over and above this she has obtained qualifications in banking (AIBZ); Project Management (Diploma) as well as an Executive Qualification in Microfinance.

Mr Eilex Felix Muzvondiwa-Chairman of the ZAMFI Board

Mr Eilex Felix Muzvondiwa is the new ZAMFI Chairman, taking over from Mrs Virginia Sibanda who illustriously served her 4 year term. Mr Muzvondiwa is the Managing Director at Yambukai Holdings Private Limited, one of Zimbabwe’s leading micro finance institutions. Part of Mr Muzvondiwa’s most gifted attributes are very strong financial and investment analysis, very strong strategic and risk management and communication. Befitting skills needed for a Chairman, Mr Muzvondiwa is diplomatic, buoyed by strong people management skills. In addition to an Honours degree in Economics from the University of Zimbabwe and a Master in Business Leadership degree from UNISA majoring in Finance and Investment Management, Mr Muzvondiwa holds a full Institute of Bankers (IOBZ) qualification obtained with two National prizes in Economics as well as Financial Management. As all wise people do, Mr Muzvondiwa is an ardent believer in Matthew Chapter 6 vs 33 which talks about “…seek first ye the Kingdom of God…” and in fulfilment of this verse he holds a diploma in Theology from the Africa Christian Training School and he is a practising preacher at his church and different fora. Mr Muzvondiwa has sat on several boards in high flying and high performing institutions. It is the sincerest wishes of the sector that he shall utilise all these attributes as he leads the sector to greater heights.

Fungai Chimwamurombe

Mr. Fungai Chimwamurombe-Chairman of the POC

Fungai is a registered Legal Practitioner, Notary Public and Conveyancer, having obtained his LLBS degree from the University of Zimbabwe. He is a finalist of a Masters degree in Business Administration from Steinbeis University, Germany, has a Certificate in Business Management (University of Zimbabwe), Diploma in Leadership and Developmental Studies and a Diploma in Microfinance.
He is the Principal or Senior legal partner at Chimwamurombe Legal Practice (Zenas) which is a leading law firm in Zimbabwe that is collaborating with Andersen Global. The law firm works with microfinance institutions in Zimbabwe in various respects which include registration of mortgage bonds, corporate advisory, training of microfinance, among other financial inclusion initiatives. He sits on various boards, which include the Contact Centre Association of Zimbabwe, Zambuko and Zenas Consulting. Fungai has worked as a legal advisor in various companies before practising in the Labour & Commercial Department of an established and leading law firm in Zimbabwe. His contribution to the board involves all legal advice in respect of the microfinance landscape in Zimbabwe.Since he is actively involved in training of microfinances he will assist the board in giving sound advices to its members. He is well trained in complex deal structuring, labour matters and corporate advisory. Fungai is also a registered Estate Administrator and a member of the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe.


Tinashe Manzungu

Dr. Tinashe Manzungu

Dr. Tinashe Manzungu is a business magnate who has pioneered TM Group into a diversified investment portfolio. He is a celebrated Zimbabwe born business man who founded TM Group from humble beginnings. Born 34 years ago at a mining town of Kwekwe in the Midlands Province, he comes from a strong Christian background and a family-oriented man. Dr. Manzungu is a holder of a Doctorate in Business Leadership (DBL) from the International Women’s University (IWU). He also has a Masters of Science in Business Leadership (MBL) from the International Women’s University (IWU). He is also a holder of Honours Degree in Geography and Environmental Science (HonGES) from the Midlands State University (MSU). Furthermore he is a Master of Business Administration ( MANCOSSA UNIVERSITY) S.A Candidate. Dr. Manzungu’s substantial experience and expertise continue to be recognized as he has been appointed to seat on the following various boards: ZNCC Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (President), MSU Midlands State University (Council member), ZBCA Zimbabwe Building Contractors Association (Junior Vice President), ZIMCARE TRUST (Committee Member), CCC Crime Consultative Committee (Committee Member) and GAAYED Global Appeal for Accelerated Youth Empowerment and Development (Founding Appellant. He has received numerous accolades including MEGAFEST Business Award Top 20 Outstanding Man In Business 2019 and MEGAFEST Business Awards Businessman Of The Year 2020.

Saul Chin'anga

Mr. Saul Chin’anga-Vice Chairman of the ZAMFI Board

Saul Chin’anga is the Managing Director for Solten Financial Services. Saul has worked in the banking industry for over 30 years during which time he held several senior positions. He retired in December 2019 as Head of Digital Banking at CBZ Bank. He was recognized as The Most Outstanding Banking and Finance Leader of the year 2019 at the Megafest Business Awards. Saul is a certified Electronic Banking Specialist and hold a post grad diploma in Digital Transformation with Copenhagen University. In addition Saul holds an MBA with Zimbabwe Open University. Recently, Solten Financial Services was awarded the Most Digitalized and Innovative MFI at the ZAMFI Excellence Awards. In light of the global technological developments and the various benefits that arise from using technologies, Saul’s experience and knowledge in tech driven payments industry will be beneficial to the ZAMFI board.

Desmund Ali

Mr. Desmund Ali – Chairman of the FHRC

Desmund Ali was born on 6 January 1972 in Harare in Zimbabwe. He is a first born in a family of three, two sisters in United States of America and Malawi respectively. His parents are the late George Chinkanda and Janet Yuda who is in the United Kingdom. Desmund is married to Heather Ali and they are blessed with seven children. He is a holder of several qualifications including a Bachelor of Commerce (Banking-Treasury Specialization) with Oxford Brookes (Damelin School Of Banking And Insurance), Institute of Bankers in South Africa (CAIB) where he is an Associate, Institute of Bankers of Zimbabwe (AIOBZ) and Institute of Bankers in Botswana (BIOB). Desmund is currently studying for an MBA in Banking and Finance with Middlesex University.He has worked for various institutions including Managing Director for Red Sphere Finance a Subsidiary of CBZ Holdings where he is currently stationed and Homelink as Group Managing Director.