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Benefits of being a ZAMFI member

Lobbying and Advocacy, Performance Monitoring, Networking, Publicity and Information Dissemination

Lobbying and Advocacy
· You will be a member of a progressive network effectively representing the interests of its entire membership and the sector.

· Your views will be clearly articulated and communicated to the relevant stakeholders followed up and timeously acted upon.

Performance Monitoring

· Operations of member institutions will be guided by performance benchmarks that enable members to periodically measure their performance against themselves, other institutions locally, regionally and internationally.

· The network periodically collects performance data from members; this data will be analyzed and commented upon to give institutional feedback to members

· Agreed internationally recognised benchmarks will be used to benchmark performance

· Performance data will be used to analyze training needs which will be followed up by needs based capacity building programme on a cost recovery basis.

· Performance data will help develop a sector based data base that will present salient information about the sector.

· ZAMFI will at all times be able to make informed comments for the members.


· Access to and participation in key regional and international micro-lending players such as SEEP, AFMIN  and Micro Credit Summit.

· Network between and among other members.


· Your membership will afford you the opportunity to actively link your organisation to strategic stakeholders and create linkages with potential development partners.
· Your institution will be able to participate in targeted events such as Expos.

Information Dissemination

·  Your membership will enable you to access  information regarding new facilities coming on stream, potential development partners, new developments in the sector and new funding windows