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Technological Friendship with TAAT Consulting

At the ZAMFI Winter School in August 2023, TAAT Consulting donated two systems to ZAMFI.

The modalities were to be left to the ZAMFI Chairman. In fulfilment of that promise, TAAT called on the ZAMFI board to handover the systems. The ZAMFI board in return, handed over the systems to two of their members namely Missapi Finance in Marondera and Fundhouse Finance in Gweru.

The systems are a desire to upgrade and accelerate digitalization of microfinance institutions so that they can reach remote areas with less costs thereby making microfinance more accessible and more affordable.

The sector applauds TAAT for their timely technological friendship.

Wisrod Lends a Helping Technological Hand

Wisrod lends a technological hand

By Mr. Godfrey Chitambo (ZAMFI Executive Director)

Handover ceremony in pictures

A helping hand is always welcome in any circumstance whether in good or trying times. This is exactly what happened when Wisrod Financial Services recently made a call to the ZAMFI Secretariat and donated a brand new Intel CORE i5 HP laptop. I am told it’s fairly modern and advanced but because it is still to be put into service we don’t know. We will confirm. The ZAMFI Finance and Human Resources Committee Chair Mr Saul Ching’anga was on hand to receive the laptop on behalf of the ZAMFI board. Mr Michael Jera (Wisrod CEO) accompanied by Mr Peter Kiropasi represented Wisrod.

The ZAMFI board would like to thank Wisrod for this magnanimous gesture. We will retire the Executive’s Director’s laptop as its expiry date had long gone by.

The gadget had also run out of new ideas as its most common words were; “Re starting your computer.” (even without being asked)…“Please do not turn off your computer.”

Furthermore there was no courtesy whether this was between members meeting or an RBZ virtual meeting. It would ignore any other nudges from me to say, “Please wait till the RBZ Deputy Governor finishes her presentation!” It just went on…

From the Secretariat:

  • Thank you very much Wisrod
  • Good bye my former laptop. You ran a good race. We had been buddies for some time….Microfinance Act, Microfinance Amendment Act, Microfinance Advisory Council, board minutes, AGM minutes and attendant corrections, writing winning letters, losing letters…

Maybe we could just ignore the new intruder and we move on as before but we must give way to the “new normal”.