creating sustainable microfinance

The membership of ZAMFI is made up of financial institutions which provide microfinance services. These represent the 5 classes of institutions as shown below:

Number Institution Type Description of Services
1 Commercial Banks Banks providing microfinance services through a stand alone department/business unit.
2 Microfinance Funders Providers of wholesale loans to all financial services providers.
3 Microfinance Banks Accept deposits and on-lend to bottom of the pyramid borrowers.
4 Credit Only Microfinance Institutions Provides strictly credit to borrowers.
5 Savings and Credit Cooperatives Membership-based collection of savings for onlending to members of association for income generating projects.

The above 5 classes of financial institutions, depending on their preferred scale of services from ZAMFI may belong to 3 categories namely:

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum

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