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Dear Member


The ZAMFI board writes to advise members that it has written to both the Ministry of Finance and the RBZ as of Friday last week. It is also instituting active follow up with both authorities on the submission.
The board wishes to thank all members (and non members) who phoned on the matter, giving implications and vivid illustrations on the effects of the 2%. All these were taken into consideration in our submissions. The board also advises that the Secretariat is on standby for any suggestions/way forward.


This Friday is the official closing of the nomination of all those who might or do want to nominate or get nominated. We would like to thank those whose nominations have been lodged with the Organising Committee.
The Secretariat notes a need for a little bit of clarification on the process:
1. You can nominate yourself or can get nominated
2. You can nominate a journalist whom you think meets the criteria. Criterion is on the ZAMFI website
3. For every entry you want to make, use a different nomination form and justify why the institution needs to win in that certain category. For the next category you do the same.
4. IN LIGHT of the above need for ramifications, the Organising Committee, on behalf of the ZAMFI board would like to advise that it has extended the closing date to 1630hours, 19 October 2018.
5. In case of any challenges please kindly contact the Executive Director in the first instance or Ms Judith Nyanderu so that we stay within the new given closing date.

For and on behalf of the ZAMFI board

Yours sincerely
Godfrey. C Chitambo

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