creating sustainable microfinance

Date Tue, 27 May 2021
Venue Bronte Hotel, Harare
Time TBA
Fee USD94 or RTGS equivalent at interbank rate.

Covid 19 is only one of the massive disruptions which every business, microfinance institutions included must contend with for growth and sheer survival. Covid was a brutal wakeup call which saw economies immediately somersaulting into economic recessions characterised by high level of uncertainly, unprecedented challenges, shutdowns, restricted operations, drastically reduced business opportunities and disrupted business cash flows.

Now 12 months since the pandemic, it’s about time that the business leaders of microfinance of microfinance institutions move beyond the current “crisis response or kneejerk strategies” to business resilience strategies that are aimed at ensuring a clear path out of the current and any future crisis. Its also time economies learn to live with the pandemic and prepare for any such future calamities. This highly participative course is structured to deliver on short and long term business survival strategies relevant to the microfinance business by a reputable expert in the field of business strategic planning and leadership.

Targeted Participants

This course is intended for the business decision makers of microfinance institutions which include but not limited to board members, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Finance Officers, Risk Managers, Operations Managers and Branch managers.

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